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Vox / Dec 31, 2019
I am announcing Huge in Japan's return on the upcoming Apollo II Cataclysm server, which is currently set to drop January 19th, 2020. We have quite a few of our raiders returning, so we're recruiting to build around our core and get into 25 mans.

Our raid times for the time being are set as Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, 8pm to 12am EST.

Drop an app, raid some hardmodes with us, get some purples and have fun.

Vox / Feb 26, 2019

Our main tank gquit with his dogshit (social rank btw) friends 20 minutes before raid invites went out probably because they thought it'd be fucking hilarious and we'd be crippled but we one shot 3drakes and cleared all of T7 content in one night regardless.

The tier is cleared and we're recruiting a fulltime off-tank and stellar ranged DPS for the long farm and Ulduar hardmodes in the foreseeable future. We're getting more and more picky going into farm and Ulduar, we want good players, we expect good, detailed applications.

Vox / Feb 19, 2019

It's been a fun 3 days, but for the most part, it's over. We overcame several strong obstacles as a guild who has never raided with each other before, notably Thaddius and Four Horsemen. For the most part, we're confident going forward as a guild. The server population is growing, and the raids were a solid challenge to us, the guilds before us and will be a challenge for the guilds after us. We're recruiting strong DPS for the Naxx farm, Ulduar whenever, as well as our last challenge in this tier: Sartharion with three drakes up.

Huge thanks to those who rooted for us on the Twelve Horsemen. To the OmegaWoW staff: Naxx was great. We're glad it took more than one night to clear and we enjoyed thinking of new strategies to deal with bosses you changed. Looking forward to Ulduar and beyond.

Wipe Counter:

Anub'rekhan: 1 (LOL?)
Grand Widow Faerlina: 0
Maexxna: 0
Patchwerk: 2
Grobbulus: 0
Gluth: 3
Thaddius: 6
Noth the Plaguebringer: 0
Heigan the Unclean: 3
Loatheb: 2
Instructor Razuvous: 0
Gothik the Harvester: 0
The Four Horsemen: 17
Sapphiron: 1
Kel'thuzad: 1
Malygos: 0
Sarth +2: 0

Ah, Twitter.

Why did he retweet this?
Vox / Feb 10, 2019

Our first 25 man and we were 18 players strong but still managed to one shot Twilight Duo and obviously got Less is More while we were at it.

We are recruiting: Frost DKs, Boomkins, Mages, Warlocks, Rogues and any other exceptional DPS ready to tackle Naxx25 next week.
Vox / Feb 03, 2019

Unfortunately, we really couldn't get into 25 mans this week due to some slow levelers, but we did a 10 man and did some solid progress on 2 Drakes (I guess Vesp+Tene really is a bad combo) but ultimately decided to drop it down to 1 drake. It's not exactly newsworthy, but this screenshot is hilarious.

We are on track to go into 25 mans and wreck some stuff up on the 10th. Toss up an application if you want to be a part of it.
Vox / Feb 02, 2019
Server has disconnected so here I am.

HiJ is seeking several core spots for Naxx, EoE and OS 25 mans next week (our first raid, we skipped 25 man this week, slow levelers lewl). Some things we're looking for: Elemental Shaman, Disc/Holy Priest, Frost DK. Apply now if you're interested in raiding with us.

And now, screenshots!


Our competitors borrowed Matt for the "realm first" OS kill the other day, but had to pug several spots(Matt had to raid lead btw) and yet they still talk about us in world chat.

They're dying btw

Leave Hoochie alone.

NA players are garbage.

Nice almag

Didn't work in-game.