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<HiJ> secures NA first/realm 3rd for T7

Vox / Feb 19, 2019

It's been a fun 3 days, but for the most part, it's over. We overcame several strong obstacles as a guild who has never raided with each other before, notably Thaddius and Four Horsemen. For the most part, we're confident going forward as a guild. The server population is growing, and the raids were a solid challenge to us, the guilds before us and will be a challenge for the guilds after us. We're recruiting strong DPS for the Naxx farm, Ulduar whenever, as well as our last challenge in this tier: Sartharion with three drakes up.

Huge thanks to those who rooted for us on the Twelve Horsemen. To the OmegaWoW staff: Naxx was great. We're glad it took more than one night to clear and we enjoyed thinking of new strategies to deal with bosses you changed. Looking forward to Ulduar and beyond.

Wipe Counter:

Anub'rekhan: 1 (LOL?)
Grand Widow Faerlina: 0
Maexxna: 0
Patchwerk: 2
Grobbulus: 0
Gluth: 3
Thaddius: 6
Noth the Plaguebringer: 0
Heigan the Unclean: 3
Loatheb: 2
Instructor Razuvous: 0
Gothik the Harvester: 0
The Four Horsemen: 17
Sapphiron: 1
Kel'thuzad: 1
Malygos: 0
Sarth +2: 0

Ah, Twitter.

Why did he retweet this?


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