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Vox / Jan 23, 2020
Apollo II opened its doors on the morning of January 19th and we've been grinding out levels like absolute losers.

We plan on raiding on February 16th, 17th and 19th. If you think by then you can be level 85 with 2x raid beneficial professions and pre-raid BiS (and if you can understand how a progression oriented guild works..) we'd love to see an application from you. We need a few healers and some more stellar ranged DPS in order to have more flexibility with our raid composition depending on the fight. Contact Vox in-game for more information.

Vox / Dec 31, 2019
I am announcing Huge in Japan's return on the upcoming Apollo II Cataclysm server, which is currently set to drop January 19th, 2020. We have quite a few of our raiders returning, so we're recruiting to build around our core and get into 25 mans.

Our raid times for the time being are set as Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, 8pm to 12am EST.

Drop an app, raid some hardmodes with us, get some purples and have fun.

Vox / Feb 26, 2019

Our main tank gquit with his dogshit (social rank btw) friends 20 minutes before raid invites went out probably because they thought it'd be fucking hilarious and we'd be crippled but we one shot 3drakes and cleared all of T7 content in one night regardless.

The tier is cleared and we're recruiting a fulltime off-tank and stellar ranged DPS for the long farm and Ulduar hardmodes in the foreseeable future. We're getting more and more picky going into farm and Ulduar, we want good players, we expect good, detailed applications.